Steel Wire Ropes with “Flemish Eye”

Flemish eye is a well proven procedure for securing a wire rope loop at the end for lifting or towing purposes.

It is an eye termination where the rope end is split in two parts of three and four strands each, which are laid back together again in the opposite direction, to form a soft eye, which can be provided on demand with various types of thimbles.

Swaging the Flemish Eye with its heavy conical steel ferrule offers the best solution against abrasion and distortion of the termination. Combined with its steel core rope construction and steel termination, Flemish Eye manufactured slings and steel wire ropes can be set into service in a potential highly temperatured environment.

Executed through highly trained workmanship, our company offers a high quality lifting and towing equipment which achieves all requirements of necessary standards and regulations.

Flemish Eye is also known as “steel sleeve pressed”, “super pressed” or “Neptunlock”.