Drahtseile Gebr. Henschel has never been only a manufacturer. It is always the intention of the company to achieve deeper knowledge related to the products. So, back in history and still today, various test series had been carried out (refer history), to investigate impacts on cable-laid grommets and cable-laid slings when put in service. This understanding is part of our daily work when it comes to professional advice. We support our customer with this knowledge to take the right decision for the correct product configuration, to make their mission successful.

To gain an inside some of the tests are mentioned such as:

  • impact of D/d ratio to cable-laid grommets and slings
  • impact of D/d ratio to strand grommets
  • impact of premature core break to cable-laid slings
  • investigations on different splicing methods to CSBL of cable-laid slings
  • possible application of high performance fibre yarns on various cable-laid constructed products
  • investigations on combined high performance fibre yarns and steel cable-laid construction