Cable-laid grommets

A Cable-laid Grommet is an endless wire rope lifting sling made from one continuous length of steel wire rope, formed to make a body composed of six outer ropes around a core rope. The rope ends are tucked into the body forming the core. Due to its unique construction of one length of single rope and no terminations, a Cable-Laid Grommet is the perfect link between hook and load. It also offers the shortest possible solution in lifting.

Our Cable-laid Grommets are a perfect combination of CAM-design, machine based production and craftsmanship. This guarantees consistent quality and exact adherence to length tolerances.

The production range of diameters from 6 mm up to 500 mm (which achieves breaking loads of more than 17.000 to) and circumference lengths starting with only a few centimetres for small diameters up to 300 m for larger diameters is the perfect answer to all common requirements.