Cable-laid slings

A Cable-laid Sling is formed from a wire rope constructed of six unit ropes laid as outer layers over one core unit rope with a termination each end, usually as a hand spliced soft eye.

Our Cable-laid Slings are a proven design for centuries and a common choice in the offshore and heavy lifting industry. Craftsmanship carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals offer a high quality lifting tool of exact adherence to length tolerances which comply to all common standards.

Cable-laid slings are still contemporary products which offer through their fully controllably terminations a high level of safety in all lifting conditions at all time.

We offer a production range of diameters from 6 mm up to more than 500 mm (which achieves breaking loads of more than 7.000 to) and lengths starting with only a few meters for small diameters up to more than 150 m for larger diameters.