News from the workshop no. 11/17

Cable-Laid Grommets according to IMCA M 179

Produced, suitably coiled and ready to go …

A few days ago we finished the production of three Cable-Laid Grommets of 144 mm diameter, circumference length of 110 m, weight each of 7.940 kg and a CGBL (Calculated Grommet Breaking Load) of 1.848 metric tons.

This is another milestone in the company’s history. They are the longest 144 mm Cable-Laid Grommets ever made at our premises. But we are able to do greater lengths.

These Cable-Laid Grommets are designed according to IMCA M 179 and are fully certified by Lloyd´s Register. The length was verified under a tension of 56 metric tons. The tolerances of the EWL (Effective Working Length) within this particular set are only 15 mm from shortest to longest. The variation from the nominal EWL is only plus 20 mm. IMCA accepts a tolerance of +/-216 mm for 144 mm diameter, which means a total tolerance range of 432 mm.

We achieved a brilliant result through highly skilled professional people, from design to workshop!

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