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Joint exercise of volunteer fire brigade Süchteln and technical emergency service department Viersen

The 10th of June 2016, 19:30 local time, Drahtseile Gebr. Henschel supported the local volunteer fire brigade Süchteln (freiwillige Feuerwehr) and the technical emergency service department Viersen (technisches Hilfswerk, THW) for the first time ever in a joint exercise of a fire disaster in unknown factory facilities. Aim of the exercise was a close collaboration of both parties, which normally never happens. It was the imagination of fire fighter Reiner Rheinfelder (Hauptbrandmeister), the initiator of the exercise, to start up a new level of more effective and successful rescuing-related work for the near future.

Heavy smoke, caused by flash fire, spread on the whole workshop area, injured and unconscious workmen, partly stucked under crashed reels from a high rack: this was the serious scenario they had to deal with. Just as the fire department had to “fight against fire and smoke” to find the injured workmen, the technical emergency department had to assist by moving heavy reels and rescue stucked people in the same unusual smoky conditions at the same time.

As CEO of Gebr. Henschel I had no doubt that our company is going to provide them with our location and machineries as well as our rope stock to create this real scenery for their training. We support every kind of unusual ideas to meet new approaches.

Nothing is so good, that it cannot be improved!

For more information and pictures visit: Feuerwehr Süchteln


Foto © Oliver Neikes


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