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News from the workshop no. 11/17


Cable-Laid Grommets according to IMCA M 179

Produced, suitably coiled and ready to go …

A few days ago we finished the production of three Cable-Laid Grommets of 144 mm diameter, circumference length of 110 m, weight each of 7.940 kg and a CGBL (Calculated Grommet Breaking Load) of 1.848 metric tons.

This is another milestone in the company’s history. They are the longest 144 mm Cable-Laid Grommets ever made at our premises. But we are able to do greater lengths.

These Cable-Laid Grommets are designed according to IMCA M 179 and […]

QS-System Transition ISO 9001:2015


Successful Transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

In February 2017, Drahtseile Gebr. Henschel GmbH successfully passed the transition from the QS-System and moved from ISO 9001:2008 to QS-System ISO 9001:2015. The transition sets another milestone in the company’s history of quality management systems for now nearly 30 years.

Gebr. Henschel GmbH implemented the quality management system ISO 9000 in 1987. A year later, on February 14th 1988, the company received their first quality management certificate from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance […]

Opening of the Black Museum on our website


We “opened” the Black Museum on our website with hours 24/7.

In this menu we are going to publish pictures of goods which have been manufactured by other companies and forwarded by our clients.

We want to share this for safety reasons, to express the importance of qualified workmanship and certified manufactures.

The Black Museum will be an ongoing project on our website. We will also add pictures of misused ropes and slings by operators.

So have a look at it from time to time […]

Quality Audit by HMC


On Friday, 17 march 2017, Drahtseile Gebr. Henschel passed a quality audit carried out by Heerema Marine Contractors HMC at our premises in Viersen. The company succeeded in all levels of the audit.

Together with our colleagues from United Offshore Services we took the opportunity to explain our companies’ and product philosophy to the client. Our companies’ history and roots – as well as their development – this is a story we are always proud to tell!

In the front you find a grommet of 210 mm Ø, 13,51 m circumference, CGBL 4.173 to and weight of […]